When we are nothing

I recently read that kitchens are going the way of the sewing machine.

Condos are being made without kitchens, just more of a pantry. Unbelievable how little we can do. Sewing used to be a perquisite to marriage, cooking & food was for entertaining & family time. Why do we think so little of doing for self & family. Very scary. Family is going the way of the sewing machine too.

I feel doing for your self & family is a gift.

There is no time

I was married for 22 years, a very stormy marriage with a dissatisfied angry person. He walked out 10 years ago July 1st leaving us holding the bag.

Long story short, family court,paying bills, working unbelievable hours, caring for a special needs child, while he kept avoiding any financial responsibility & the legal profession aided him in this. He broke in the house destroying property, even though 2 years ago, I dropped all proceedings.

Last Monday night he died. He was 69. I think his vengeful nature & wickedness brought it on.

Sew Little Time. ….


Amber has autism, which has been a challenge. In all the turmoil & lows this disorder brings, there are funny moments that surfaced.

She will never be a banker, but neither will I. It seems she has inherited some of my creative side.

She loves to draw, most recently she is learning to sew, & completed her first project….a cushion.

She had to applique, hand sew, & although she needs supervision, she tried the machine. I’m very proud of both my girls.